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Hello Wyoming rugby players, alumni, parents & rugby enthusiast,   Wyoming Rugby will be conducting a youth rugby camp in Laramie June 14th to July 29th. Meeting days are Wednesdays (6:00pm – 7:30pm) and Saturdays (9:30am – 11:30am). Meeting location: Old Deti Stadium.We NEED VOLUNTEERS (18 years+). If you can help please let me know…

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Hi Parents & kids of Laramie and greater area,   Join Wyoming Rugby’s “Youth Rugby Summer Camp” in Laramie. This is a developmental league to develop fundamental rugby skills. The Rookie rugby leagues are a great start to teaching our youth about the great sport of rugby. Rookie Rugby is the US brand of flag…

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Dear Wyoming and Friends of Wyoming Rugby, We need your help!! Help support youth rugby in Wyoming by donating to Wyoming Rugby.  Your donation will help introduce kids to rugby through programs at their schools, recreational centers, camps, and will help provide equipment (Rugby Balls, Flags, Cones, Pennies, Shirt Jerseys) and staff to all programs….

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What is Rookie Rugby? Click the video to learn more about Youth Rugby in Wyoming. Special thanks to Annie Todd and Kiana Aguirres for creating the video. #RookieRugby #YouthRugby #WyomingRugby Click link below to view Rookie Rugby video,

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Wyoming Rugby sends a big thank you to all the players, parents, and coaches for attending the first Rookie Rugby camp in Wyoming. The kids really enjoyed the camp and had a ton of fun running, passing, and scoring! Players, Parents, Coaches, and Volunteers get ready for rugby camps in your town or county. Wyoming…